by Usman Alabi

Below are the Images of the abandoned Lambe flyover bridge, one of the five that has been abandoned by the Ogun state government for more than one year. The Lambe flyover is particularly peculiar because it has a deep sloppy road that is not very friendly to road users but that becomes more dangerous and complicated during rainy season.

This road is heavily dusty and sloppy as could be seen in the pictures, vehicles have to slow down and carefully maneuver their way through the road to forestall the dangerous implication of not doing so. It is better the Lambe flyover is not started than to be abandoned, because it has increased the hardship of the people in that terrain, the road that is not wide and motorable before now has been further shrinked.

We call on the Ogun state government to quickly address this situation to reduce the hardship being experienced by these communities as a result of the state of this project.


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