Iwaya community call on Lagos government to complete abandoned projects

by YWriter

After several years of endless advocacy on the abandoned projects in Iwaya, there is still no positive response from the Lagos state government. The three school buildings already roofed but uncompleted reminds the Iwaya people of failed promises from policy makers and their own representatives. The schools have remained in their present abandoned state for more than four years. The community had written several letters, NGOs have issued press statements to the government all to no avail.

The community recently forwarded a two paged letter to the state government  on the abandoned projects.

In the letter, they threatened to resort to any means necessary if their continuous call for the projects to be completed is not answered.

Except the government intervene, the projects could remain abandoned for long especially given the fact that the parastatal responsible for the project is no more. It is also a World Bank assisted project, not directly financed from the state purse. But for now, the community still remain hopeful that something will be done to address the issue.


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