Apapa gridlock: What is the government doing?

by Omoleye Omoruyi

The gridlock in Apapa has taken a negative toll on the lives of people in that axis and one had thought it would subside as the government would intervene – But what do we see?

The ‘stand-still’ traffic has spilled over to Ojuelegba and now  people living on Ikorodu road are witnessing hard times going about their businesses with commercial vehicles, privates cars, even the BRT buses; as not all areas have the lanes. Besides, how many Lagosians can the buses take?

The traffic situation had been like this for a while and the government had instead turned a blind eye to the complaints from residents that ply the road.

One of our followers on Twitter in his reaction on the gridlock stated that “This caused me to spend almost three hours between Ikeja and Ojuelegba”

Another follower reacted that “hard not to query Akinwunmi Ambode’s governance qualities if they watched this particular problem fester to this extent without a solution”

“Yet Akinwunmi ambode is keeping calm…I just wonder” said another twitter user.

We should also take note of the fact that the traffic has given ‘danfo’ buses the opportunity to escalate the fares, which increases the said hardship on the people that use that road.

The traffic is a spill over from Apapa through Costain and now the same is being experienced on Ikorodu road. No official statement has been issued on this by the authorities even as the situation persist.

Photo credit: Hycinth photography


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