Saturday, April 21, 2018
by Ajadi Daniel Below is the infographics on Budgetary allocation to federal universities. All in billions Let us have your view on this.
by Hameed Folorunsho The ongoing flyover project in Mokola is beginning to take shape. The pace of work of work on the project is commendable, and hopefully, it will be delivered in time. Mokola road is an extension of Enugada...
by Ajadi Daniel Allocation to Specialized Institutions School Total recurrent Total capital Allocation National Teachers Institute N1,480,597,044 N1,377,570,505 2,858,167,549 National Institute for construction Uromi Edo 228,144,637 97,569,314 325,713,952 National Mathematical Centre Sheda N663,688,386 N459,059,034 N1,122,747,420 French Language Village, Badagry, Lagos N580,247,001 N91,199,467 N671,446,469 Arabic Language Village Borno N387,670,942 N89,175,498 N476,846,440 National Institute for Nigerian Languages 565,009,696 89,199,470 654,209,166 Division of Agricultural college, ABU Zaria N1,065,232,627 199,199,468 1,264,432,096
by YMonitor Tracking the Paris Club Refund to States Before the release of the second tranche of Paris Club Refund
by Usman Alabi This is based on ACAPS Crisis Profile for July 2016 and Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) IDP figure analysis. According to ACAPS Crisis Profile, for July this year, Over 2.6 million people are displaced due to the Boko...
by Chinedu Brown Highlights of NASS 2017 budget National Assembly opens it 2017 budget  

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