Wednesday, July 18, 2018
by YMonitor YMonitor conducted an online poll on the question: Do you think President Buhari's cabinet is due for a shake? 90 per cent of our followers believe the shake up is long overdue while 10 per cent voted No. Below...
by Usman Alabi [youtube] share your views with us.
by Usman Alabi Tell us what you think about the issue, what do you think President Buhari's government can do differently.[youtube] Share your view with us, leave your comment behind.
by YMonitor Commuters speak on the ongoing Abule-Egba road construction.[youtube]You can also share your thought with us. Leave your comments below, or send us an email on [email protected]
by YMonitor YMonitor conducted a poll on the ongoing warning strike and most of the voters were divided on their opinion regarding the strike. The question was "what is your view on the ASUU one week warning strike", the options...
by YMonitor Nigerians speak on electricity in their neighbourhood. We would love to have your reaction on this. [youtube]
by YMonitor [youtube]
by Ymonitor We would like to have your take on the project [youtube]
by YMonitor This is why the Lagos state government is working on a second pedestrian bridge. Let us also hear your view on this bridge [youtube]
by YMonitor Nigerians shared their opinion on what they feel about Trump's victory. Hear what they said [youtube]  

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