Vigilant Report: Abandoned Lafenwa Ayetoro Road in Ogun

by YWriter

This road is said to be left unfinished for more than one year, this is according to citizens residing in the area, the pictures were sent in by an active citizen.

The road is said to be a federal road. It was reported that work was done on the road at various sections, it was graded, but never finished. The situation of the road becomes worse doing rainy season, as well as dusty during dry season.

At the time of publishing this report, a citizen residing in the area told us he saw a tractor in the area, but cannot confirm if the road is been graded or the tractor is there for another purpose.

There might be reasons for leaving a project unfinished for a while, but the people deserve to know, especially given the socioeconomic hardship experienced by those using the road and those residing in this area.


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