Cross River set to spend more than Lagos in 2018, see list of states budget in 2018

The Nigerian Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders
10 April 2018
On the states budget of hypocrisy, PR stunts, and deficits (SEE FIGURES)
12 April 2018

by Chinedu Brown

Cross River’s 2018 budget dwarfs other states Appropriation bill for the current year including Lagos. The state budgets N1.3trn for 2018, how it will implement this humongous budget even with a 2017 total revenue that is less than N42bn is yet to be ascertained. See list of states’ budget for 2018 and their total revenue for 2017.










Total Revenue Available to States in 2017 (FAAC and IGR) source: NBS


1 Cross River 1.3trn Passed N41,556,344,958.62
2 Lagos 1.046 trn Passed N423,662,733,799.91
3 Akwa Ibom 646.65bn  Passed




4 Rivers 510bn Passed N209,177,175,571.48
5 Ogun 343.9bn Passed N101,021,009,796.63
6 Bayelsa 318bn Passed N117,782,055,801.97
7 Delta 308bn Passed N163,091,715,230.31
8 Oyo 271.57bn   Passed N66,921,678,307.51
9 Kano 246bn Passed N107,558,870,712.62
10 Sokoto 220.5bn  Passed N50,262,499,379.05
11 Kaduna 216.6bn   Passed N77,337,660,410.76
12 Katsina 213.6bn  Passed N52,369,719,590.00
13 Ebonyi N208bn Yet to be Passed N40,593,793,106.20
14 Kwara N190.99bn Passed N52,745,067,241.00
15 Benue 190.03bn   Passed N52,200,786,109.05
16 Ondo 181.4bn   Passed N56,825,119,305.17
17 Borno 181.3bn   Passed N51,519,067,228.36
18 Adamawa 177.9bn  Passed N43,637,831,761.04
19 Osun N176.4bn  Yet to be passed N22,167,815,516.17
20 Imo 175bn Passed N44,967,267,720.30
21 Anambra N170.9bn Passed N58,703,624,151.59
22 Bauchi N167.9bn  Yet to be passed N43,884,590,631.65
23 Kogi 151.7bn    Passed N50,891,101,896.66
24 Kebbi 151.2bn Passed N44,470,712,738.47
25 Edo 150.09bn   Passed N62,187,828,682.46
26 Plateau N145.5BN   Passed N40,408,444,571.17
27 Abia 141bn Passed N53,793,844,714.50
28 Jigawa 138.7bn  Passed N51,914,950,145.11
29 Niger N134.29bn Passed N48,991,617,052.49
30 Zamfara N133BN Passed N34,476,823,153.25
31 Nasarawa N125.4bn    Passed N41,371,899,987.60
32 Gombe N114bn Passed N36,505,252,910.50
33 Taraba N104.3BN Passed 39,686,467,229.54
34 Enugu 103.6bn Passed N59,872,780,862.69
35 Ekiti 98.6bn Passed N30,601,165,536.86
36 Yobe N92bn Passed N34,476,823,153.25


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