Anti-Jungle justice bill scales second reading in the senate

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6 October 2016
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6 October 2016

by Usman Alabi

A bill against jungle justice has passed the second reading in the state.

The bill titled “Bill for an act for the prohibition and protection of persons from lynching, mob action and extrajudicial executions and other related offences 2016” was sponsored by Senator Dino Melaye.

Melaye raised the example of #Aluu4 extrajudicial killing which took place in October 2012, Four students from UNIPORT were lynched after they were falsely accused of theft in the Rivers community of Aluu. The bill was also supported by Senators Adamu, Usman Nafada, Lanre Tejuosho, amongst others.

The bill is a also coming at a time when jungle justice has become the order of the day, especially in the light of the examples of the gruesome killing of 74 year old Mrs. Bridget in Kano and the Female preacher in Nasarawa.

The bill has been referred to a special committee after scaling through the second reading

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