13 April 2021

How South-South & North-West received largest chunk of N619.3bn FAAC allocation in January 2021

#OnOurRadar today is a further analysis of Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) Disbursement for January 2021. The FAAC is a body chaired by the Minister of […]
12 April 2021

Potholetracker: High Court Road, Sagamu is one of such bad roads in Ogun state [Photos]

High Court Road in Sagamu is in a very poor state with massive potholes. Urgent intervention is needed on this road to avoid further dilapidation. We […]
12 April 2021

Potholetracker: Ogun State Government needs to fix GRA Road, Sabo, Sagamu urgently [Photos]

GRA road, Sabo, Sagamu is in such a distressful state with a lack of pavement and massive potholes. Urgent intervention is needed on this road to […]
12 April 2021

Potholetracker: Spotlighting the many potholes at Express Road, GRA Sagamu [Photos]

One of our spotlights in Sagamu is the Express road, GRA. The road is at the height of dilapidation with large potholes and different cracks on […]
12 April 2021

Potholetracker: The gapping potholes at Coca-Cola Roundabout, Sagamu need urgent attention [Photos]

The Coca-cola roundabout in Sagamu is now saturated with different potholes that hinder smooth ride. To avoid further expansion of the potholes, an urgent intervention is […]
12 April 2021

Potholetracker: Aguda Road, Sagamu [Photos]

Aguda road in Sagamu is in a poor state. Many potholes and lack of pavement have made plying the road difficult for commuters. Mere seeing the […]
9 April 2021

YMonitor Issue 089: The Men In White Strike Again

As the men in white strike again, we worry. But what concerns us more right now is the other man, the first man of the Federal […]
9 April 2021

YMonitor Issue 088: Missing Alert

Our Country people!!! We heard the village town-crier calling out “again” about another set of Missing Monies. The monies, made of paper, has a habit of […]
9 April 2021

States With Highest and Lowest Debt-to-Total Net Revenue

The recent surge in the debt profiles of State Governments has been a significant source of concern. Even though the debt may be necessary for projects […]