17 December 2020

Potholetracker: The abnormalities of Yidi Road, Lantoro Abeokuta [Photos]

Lantoro residents seem to have giving up on governance as the situation around them does not in anyway show that they are in the plans of […]
9 December 2020

What Happens If Your Request From A Public Institution Is Refused #FAQs

Our #YMonitorFOI series has focused on amplifying the #FOIAct, it’s importance, the process of making a request & to emphasise an overall need to create more […]
9 December 2020

Less than 9% turn out of voters at the Lagos State bye-election

On today’s #YMonitorSpecial we look at the recently concluded bye-election which witnessed a less than 9% turn out of voters. Out of a total of 1,168,790 […]
8 December 2020

Freedom of Information (FOI) Act in Nigeria

Having access to public information can also mean Freedom of Information. This explicitly refers to a citizen’s right to access information held by public authorities. FOI […]
8 December 2020

Understanding the Idea of ‘Local Government’ and grassroots development [A Citizen’s analysis]

The local government is so-called because it is expected to be closest to the people. It is not a foreign imposition; it is an arrangement that […]
8 December 2020

False democracy, distorted citizenship and the myth of Open governance

by Usman Alabi In a democracy, the state and citizens are together in a social contract. This contract spells out the role of both the citizens […]
4 December 2020

The Future Project launches the Freedom of Information (FOI) Project to encourage transparency in governance 

As part of their goal to solve the continent’s largest issues, The Future Project is set to launch the Freedom of Information (FOI) project – a […]
4 December 2020

What Happens After You Have Made Your Freedom Of Information (FOIAct) Request? (Part One) #FAQs

What happens after you have made your #FOIRequest? (5) things that usually would happen: 1) Information is provided 2) The institution might extend 3) The institution […]
4 December 2020

The Duties of Local Governments as contained in the 1999 Constitution

The role of a local government and its agencies in societies can never be over stated. It’s imperative for us to know the different duties & […]