12 February 2019


By Alexander O. Onukwue Amidst disturbing chatter about the integrity of the February 16 presidential elections, how are citizens to have confidence in the process and […]
12 February 2019

#2019Election: A critical look at the 2019 elections, would the figures matter?

by Ajibola Emmanuel We have had more people registering in this election than in the previous election. According to INEC, 84 million people registered for this […]
11 February 2019

My First Vote Show: First time voter wants INEC to do more on underage voting

by YMonitor Underage voting is a major worry in the Nigeria electoral process. According to Adetayo Adesola, the guest on the show, INEC has not done […]
8 February 2019

Agege flyover has exceeded the date of delivery by three months, yet the project is still ongoing

by Ajadi Daniel Agege flyover project is not new to the Lagos budget, it has been in the budget for almost two years before it was […]
8 February 2019

#2019Elections: Meet your governorship candidates in Lagos

by Nofisa Atiku and Damola Olabintan Governorship Candidate: First up is Gbadamosi Babatunde Olalere, whose vibrant intellectualism stole the show at the recent governorship debate sponsored […]
7 February 2019

Voters Education Series: Roles of security agents in the elections

by Ajibola Emmanuel It’s important that you know the roles of security agents on election duty on the day of election duty. They include the following: […]
7 February 2019

YMonitor Voter Education Series: What happens when there is over-voting in a polling unit

by Ajibola Emmanuel Where the total number of votes cast at a Polling Unit exceeds the number of registered voters in the Polling Unit, the result […]
7 February 2019

#2019Elections: Meet your presidential candidates and their parties

by Ajadi Daniel There are 72 Presidential candidates for the upcoming 2019 elections. Nigeria runs a multiparty system which allows for multiple parties and candidates to […]
6 February 2019

YMonitor Voter Education Series: Use of telephones and other electronic gadgets at the polling units

by Ajibola Emmanuel Telephones and other electronic devices capable of taking pictures are not allowed in voting cubicles. Voters may come to the Polling Unit with […]