23 July 2018

Ogun tracker: Seven years after, Ogun state government is yet to complete the Ijoko flyover

by Ajadi Daniel The project started seven years ago according to residents, and at some point, the present administration unable to complete the project in its […]
19 July 2018

My Vote is not for sale, what about yours?

by Atiku Nafisa The battle line was drawn in Ekiti state last weekend. There had been massive voter sensitization, political rallies all to make sure that […]
19 July 2018

#YMonitorPoll: State police may not be the solution for Nigeria’s security challenges

by Editor State police as proposed by the National Assembly may not be the way to go, at least not in the present circumstances, until somethings […]
18 July 2018

Vigilant Report: Residents of Ifako-Ijaye LGA find alternatives as government renege on its responsibility

by Omoleye Omoruyi The reality of the Nigerian situation is a peculiar one. We have a government in theory but not in practice. Citizens have now […]
17 July 2018

This is what Ekiti state election says about us as citizens

by Usman Alabi The Ekiti election has come and gone, but it calls to question citizens’ preparedness for the 2019 general election. There were allegations of […]
13 July 2018

#Shaping New Narratives: TFP open governance symposium white paper

by TFP The annual TFP Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders held on May 31, 2018. The symposium this year was strategically designed to discuss pathways […]
12 July 2018

The problem with the Nigerian Police is institutional and state police isn’t the solution yet

by Usman AlabI Analysis While it is a welcome development that the National Assembly is working on decentralising the police so that each state can have […]
12 July 2018

#Budget2018 shows a lack of agenda by this administration and here’s why

by Usman Alabi Analysis It is important that citizens know the details of the National budget, especially in simple easy to read info graphics. This not […]
9 July 2018

I am not Lazy, so why don’t I vote?

Atiku Nafisa During my CDS days while serving in Ibadan, I usually had a lot of free time after our meetings at the secretariat. I always […]