21 March 2018

YMonitor organises grassroots engagement at Surulere LGA

by YMonitor As part of its aim to stimulate active citizenship especially among the youth, YMonitor; an initiative of The Future Project which highlights crucial accountability […]
21 March 2018

Essay Series: The role of inclusiveness and transparency in fostering a sustainable democracy

by Atiku Nafisa Emmanuela Democracy as a concept is not unchanging neither is it immutable. It’s fragility is dependent on the society in which it is […]
21 March 2018

Essay series: Pathway to creating a sustainable democracy: 2019 election in focus

by Olufemi Ibukun Democracy, in modern parlance, denotes “the rule of the people” wherein the affairs of a political state does not elude every single head. […]
20 March 2018

YMonitor grassroots engagement at Surulere [See photos]

by Usman Alabi
14 March 2018

#YMonitorPoll: Does your state governor deserves another term in office?

by Ajadi Daniel The generality of those that participated in the YMonitor online poll believed that their state governors does not deserve another term in office. […]
12 March 2018

#Lagostracker: Three things you might never know about the Lagos light rail project

by Opeoluwa Quadri The Lagos light rail project which started in 2008 and estimated to be completed in 2011 is yet to see the light of […]
12 March 2018

#Lagostracker: Tracking the Lagos light project from mile 2 axis- see photos

by Ajadi Daniel Call it an ambitious project, you are definitely not wrong, that is exactly what the Lagos light rail project is, as of now, […]
7 March 2018

#NotTooYoungToRun: National Day of Action on Presidential Assent

The Not Too Young To Run Movement will hold a National Day of Action to the Presidential Villa on 14 March 2018. The Not Too Young […]
2 March 2018

Lagos tracker: Ongoing road project at Alakija, Badagry road nears completion

by Ajadi Daniel Ongoing constructions in Alakija, Badagry express road which involves about four flyovers is almost completed. There is no doubt that ongoing project would […]