Data Satire

28 November 2020

Potholetracker: There is an urgent need to fix Academy Road in Ibadan [Photos]

Months later, Academy road in Ibadan is still in the same state it was when we spotlighted it in our #Potholetracking campaign, a poor state with […]
28 November 2020

Potholetracker: An eye-sore of a road at Akala Express in Ibadan [Photos]

The residents of Akala Express will share with you about how their cars, buses & even tricycles have been repaired on several occasions due to the […]
28 November 2020

Potholetracker: A bumpy road ride at Arapaja-Odo Ona Kekere in Ibadan [Photos]

  If the government of Oyo State are looking for an amusement spot to go for a bumpy ride, they should look no further than the […]
28 November 2020

Potholetracker: There is need to fix the manhole at Dalute-Odo Ona Elewe in Ibadan [Photos]

Driving around Dalute-Odo Ona Elewa must be a daunting challenge due to the gigantic manhole that scares the cars away, just at the middle of the […]
28 November 2020

Pothole tracker: A pothole-laden roundabout at New Garage Ibadan [Photos]

A major roundabout would usually be the centre of attraction in most locale, but not the New Garage Roundabout which is painstakingly pothole-laden. Various sections of New […]
28 November 2020

Pothole tracker: A dangerous road at Ojo Ekun-Arapaja Odo-Ona Elewe Ibadan [Photos]

The dangerous uncompleted road at Ojo Ekun-Arapaja Odo-Ona Elewe can take lives.  The state of the road is such that it could fuel hideouts for robbers […]
28 November 2020

Pothole tracker: The Sandy Beach for cars to swim along Jarkata Junction Ibadan [Photos]

Cars have to swim through the sandy beach along the Jarkata Junction, Ibadan. The roads have been abandoned in their incomplete state. The road is also […]
4 November 2020

Statutory Transfers in the proposed 2021 Budget

  A whopping sum of ₦128bn is apportioned to the National Assembly as part of the Statutory Transfer in the proposed budget for 2021. Accordingly, this […]
4 November 2020

Key Spending in the Education & Health Sector of the proposed 2021 Budget Review

#YMonitorSpotlight Proposed 2021 Budget review; Called, the Budget of Economic Recovery And Resilience. Presented October 8th, 2020 to the National Assembly. We take a keen look […]
4 November 2020

Nigerians are starving Nigerians; World Capital of Poverty – Dotun Famoriyo

The past four weeks in Nigeria has been particularly challenging for citizens of Nigeria, home and abroad. From Nigeria being 60 and still experiencing significant setbacks […]
23 July 2019

People stack money, Gbajabiamila stacks personal aids. 31 and still counting?

by Eyo Emmanuel “It will not be business as usual, and we will be shaking the table just a little” those were the words of Honourable […]
25 July 2019


by Eyo Emmanuel A lot of people are slowly marking their calendars as payday approaches, however payday may have come early for Governor of Kogi state […]
25 July 2019

Buhari’s Administration Aims To Sweep Women Into The Other Room.

by Eyo Emmanuel President Buhari’s recent ministerial nominations shows how the narrative of political representation of women is more of a fantasy than a goal this […]
26 July 2019

When Deafening Silence Is All We Hear

by Eyo Emmanuel At a critical point like this were ministers are being appointed, one would think this would be the best time where the voice […]
31 July 2019


by Eyo Emmanuel There’s something in the air this season, and no, it’s not the unpredictable rain that comes along with summer in this part of […]
2 August 2019


Eyo Emmanuel When you think of Nigeria, a lot of things come to mind, unfortunately mostly negative. From the bad roads, poor electricity the list is […]
4 August 2019


by Eyo Emmanuel This government’s bold unrealistic claims is the gift that keeps on giving, just when we were still trying to wrap our heads around […]
30 August 2019

YMonitor Issue 005: Captain of the Seven Seas

  Eyo Emmanuel. Houses and farmlands have been washed away in seven local governments in Yobe state. Communities such as: Fika, Machina, Nguru, Damaturu, Geidam, Damaturu […]
30 August 2019

YMonitor Issue 008: No Woman, No Growth

by Eyo Emmanuel Unless you live under a rock with no phone and WiFi then it’s no news that Nigeria’s economy in recent times has gone […]