6 May 2021

NNPC revenue shortfall: Revisiting the dwindling performance of states’ Internally Generated Revenue

Towards the end of last month, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation alerted the federal and state governments to its dwindling contribution to the federation account owing […]
6 May 2021

Bill Seeking 111 Additional Legislative Seats: What Nigerians Need to Know

By Omidiji Olamilekan Qayum The Nigerian federal legislative arm currently operates on two chambers- the upper chamber, which comprises senators and the lower chamber, regarded as […]
30 April 2021

Freedom of Information Act and the Challenge of State Domestication in Nigeria

By Omidiji Olamilekan and Lilian Efobi Freedom of information refers to citizens’ right to access public records or information. It is a constitutional entrenchment that gives […]
30 April 2021

Good Governance Index: Lingering Questions On The Deteriorating Governance In Nigeria

Nigeria’s poor socio-economic performance, human rights abuses, widespread poverty, insecurity, and corruption have not been unnoticed. Little wonder why the recent Global Governance Index ranked Nigeria […]
28 April 2021

Examining the Immediate and Proximate Causes of Growing Insecurity In Nigeria

 Nigeria currently faces an array of security challenges, from Boko Haram attacks to banditry and kidnapping. These security threats have witnessed an incredible surge in recent […]
27 April 2021

Factors Affecting Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Considering the enormous human and material resources at the government’s disposal since independence in 1960, with the seemingly minimal growth of the nation’s economic, social and […]
23 April 2021

Governance Beyond Government: The Role of Citizen Participation In Achieving Good Governance

To achieve full development in any nation of the world, its citizens have to be keenly interested in the governance process. This implies that no country […]
22 April 2021

Adopting E-Governance for Transparency and Accountability In Nigeria

Beyond budgeting or project execution, one of the essential responsibilities of any government to its citizens is to be financially accountable and transparent. Citizens are critical […]
14 April 2021

Nigeria’s Educational Sector: An analysis of students’ brain & financial drain

The quality of education in any country is critical to its national and human capital development. Education is regarded as an effective tool to transform and […]