#kadunatracker: What does this says about Kaduna?

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13 October 2016
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15 October 2016

by Ymonitor

Kaduna is still on the lime light as we continue to examine the viability of the state and how it has been able to cope with the recession.

The governor submitted the 2017 budget estimate to the state assembly. The budget estimate is #215.92 billion based on a crude oil bench mark of $39 per barrel. The budget is far more than the current year budget which stands at #171.7 billion.

Based on the current spending and projects, do you think the state government has judiciously spent the budget. Do you think current realities this year justifies the 2016 budget, do you think Kaduna has performed well?

We must also remember that the state is second in the list of the most indebted state in Nigeria with $225.28 million, which is 6.16% of the sub national debts.

Has Kaduna justified these huge debt?

Engage us on these issues as we focus on Kaduna for this week. leave your contributions, send us a mail on [email protected]

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