Pothole tracker: ‘It’s Normal’ is the word amongst Akute residents, when we should be crying

Jakande gate, Oke Afa road is worrisome, and LASG appears unconcerned {photos]
2 March 2020
How bad does toll gate need to be before Ogun state government fix the potholes
2 March 2020


Akute residents seem to have giving up on governance as the situation around them does not in anyway show that they are in the plans of any existing government.

There road is just the way it has been from time immemorial, deplorable and poor. When the flyover project started in their locality few years ago, it was the only flicker hope that showed that government is aware, it just does not respond.

But the project has been abandoned with no explanation, and the already poor condition of road infrastructure has been further complicated. Akute road is in a poor state, and one can only hope that the present administration live up to expectations and remember that people in Akute are also citizens of Ogun and they are entitled to proper provision of public goods.

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