When Deafening Silence Is All We Hear

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25 July 2019
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30 July 2019

by Eyo Emmanuel

At a critical point like this were ministers are being appointed, one would think this would be the best time where the voice of the EFCC would be loudest ensuring that the ministers who have been appointed all have clean slates. All we hear are loud nothings, no one seems to be saying anything at all especially when names like ex governor of Akwa Ibom state Godswill Akpabio make it to the list of ministers. It was not too long ago that he was being probed by the EFCC for the sum of N108 billion naira, and now that he’s been appointed, the case seems to have died an abrupt death with EFCC keeping mum on the issue. Will the EFCC regain it’s voice anytime in the near future? If it does, will it revisit Akpabio’s case? Or will it all be water under the bridge?

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