Ymonitor Issue 43: Up NEPA

Ymonitor Issue 42: Relegated Parties
3 March 2020
Ymonitor Issue 44: Our President Is Doing Well
3 March 2020

Shouts the little kid across the street. Nigeria, our country…where inefficiency is celebrated with a wry smile which stays on your face when you stumble on a situation of, being there, done that

However, this trumps that – Trump too would be proud of our country. N19.15bn gone in 60 seconds (no), 10 days – so that’s a record, maybe next time there would be a louder up Nepa for a loss of N30BN in 5 days – not the Davido’s gang, obviously. For now, let’s toast to the power sector making us proud, breaking records – useless ones as it is

Let’s change over, according to data from the Advisory Power Team in the office of the Vice President, the power sector is said to have lost that estimated figure from Feb 5 to Feb 14, 2020, to vices such as unavailability of gas, unavailability of transmission & distribution infrastructure. An outstanding record going into the Guinness Books!!!

Giant of Africa, setting new records for money lost in the power sector – while our neighbouring country, Ghana has enjoyed a hugely impressive improvement in her power sector. Hopefully, my PC finishes this off before power is being withheld, no jokes.

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