Ymonitor Issue 45: International Influencer

Foremost, Bespoke foreign influencer who has mostly toured the world on behalf of our country – the well known PMB & his fellow influencer colleagues from all over – inclusive the NHC (Nigerian High Commission) have been wanting for owing £7.1m (approx N3.3bn)

Despite high influencer rate cards – take a peak, Pam Pam uses a Benz, forget SBO. You would think our well-known foreign influencer with exorbitant & flashy lifestyle of being in Germany today, US tomorrow, UK next week, France last week, would be able to foot his congestion & parking tickets

The UK Foreign Office said Nigeria was owing £7,063,965 in congestion fees & £47,165 in parking tickets – the amount is three (3) times the entire 2020 budget of the High Commission. In Saner climes, changes like such are being put in place in to dissociate people from using private vehicles & to patronise the public transport system to prevent traffic congestion (God When?)

Maybe, our foreign influencer had the thought that it wouldn’t apply to him in any way especially since London is his favourite foreign influencing spot, where he has spent nothing less than 240 non-consecutive days in the last 5 years, honestly

A Tweet-fight that trended for weeks ensued on the well-known app, Twitter For Legends (check next picture for reference)


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