Ymonitor Issue 53: Lootmania

Ymonitor Issue 52: Ela Oju Kan
18 April 2020
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18 April 2020

One of the WWE Binge-watching series available to Nigerians only is the new exclusive on-demand content, Lootmania. A Televised Docu-series on how three (3) nations fight over a box of loot hanging in the middle of the wrestling ring.

With Bagudu as the referee, a cage fight, a 2hours premium match of gbas gbos, as the United States Of America, the United Kingdom & the Federal Republic Of Nigeria step on stage.

All the headlines told the story about how an underfed Nigeria would lose all the rounds but everyone knows black magic & juju would come to the rescue, one punch & two world giants would be KO’ed.

Little was told, the true story infact was that the Us & the UK were an undercover tag-team in the grand scheme of things & Nigeria was in for a beating over the $110m cash prize.

The UK joined the US to scupper the plans by the Nigeria Government to give Kebbi State Governor, Atiku Bagudu about $110m out of $155m stolen by Sani Abacha, as the dispute raged on.


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