YMonitor Issue 55: Working from home conductor

YMonitor Issue 54: Caught in the middle
27 April 2020
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27 April 2020

This well known rugged Conductor along the axis of Costain, sat in his room, flipping through the O-Conductor app he had just been introduced to. He’s supposed to serenade his sweet voice into it hoping to get a passenger to book a ride. With his high-pitched, deep-toned voice, he kept on shouting “Ojuelegba, Wole…Wole, mu changi daani”. Hoping for the next passenger to book a ride. Man, he was already infuriated despite having his usual bottle of gin in hand, sat on his dirty couch, there was no one to physically argue on about “change”, no policing agents to dodge nor to dismiss irrelevantly those who complained about the recklessness of his driver

Despite that the creators of the O-trek app released the O-Conductor app, to effectively ease the stress of ‘conductors working from home’ as the pandemic rages. It’s rather meaningful to put thoughts across how people, the poorest of the poor such as a typical car conductor survive through this period

Nigeria is a desperately poor country, with more than 48 per cent of the population (or 96 million people) living in extreme poverty below the poverty benchmark income of N700 (US$1.90) per day supports not just an individual but, typically, a family. That amount does not buy a lot. Add unemployment to the morass. This is the reality of about two out of 10 Nigerians

What measures are in place, are the measures working, is it effective, can people get this information. Nigeria’s poor need the help, especially in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic

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