YMonitor Issue 57: Kick Up


The whirlwind that comes with being a Nigerian & the catch is strong. It’s almost as if everyone wants to be a Nigerian, not joking. We’re first & foremost, the most tolerating amongst Africans. We can tolerate almost 8 years of failed promises, a re-occurring situation in the country, almost like those dry Nollywood script that you know the ending to, yes?

Secondly, as a Nigerian, we’re championing the Talk-Am-No-Do-Am Foundation, top stakeholders since we do like to say plenty of things but not effecting it, another catch. Recall who said he would equate N1.00 to $1.00 in his campaign promises, yes?

Also, we’re fittingly almost grounded to always want to take mediocrity as the first option when presented with choices. The current situation we find ourselves in Nigeria in comparison to most major countries in Africa & Globally makes it easy for us to say God when?

Maybe, just maybe poverty kicks us up in the arse enough to start taking being a Nigerian serious. The National Bureau of Statistics has said 40.1% of the country’s population live in poverty. Hence, over 82.9 million Nigerians lived below its poverty line of N137,430 per year.


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