YMonitor Issue 58: Ajaokuta “Still”

Still, a work in progress, more than 40 years later. Nigeria, a blessed nation of pipedreams, Renegers & a lot of Marlians.  Reneger is the Latin word for people with failed promises, atypical for most African Governments. In the Nigerian context, a Reneger is a top government-official whose only responsibility is to fail promises & essentially not-to-take responsibility

Ajaokuta Steel Company (ASC), the abandoned itself, the steel metal, the Ajaokuta Bahose has been a play-ground for Renegers over the past years.

ASC, a 40-year-old project, is unarguably the largest integrated steel complex in sub-Saharan Africa. Yet, we are unable to take the lead in steel production in Africa despite the huge economic benefits

With more than $8 billion spent and only requiring less than a billion-dollar for it to become fully operational. The giant steel plant is likely to create jobs for about two million Nigerians (directly and indirectly) and serve as a major source of revenue for the country

Upon assumption of office in 2015 of a certain Reneger where he had reiterated in his campaign pledge to revive Ajaokuta Steel and make it functional, as part of his administration drive towards diversification and industrialisation. Fast forward to 2020, the FG in yet again another genius effort inaugurated the Ajaokuta Presidential Project Implementation Team to revive Ajaokuta Steel Company. He joins the list of admirable Renegers

Fast forward to 2025, what do you think would happen? Ajaokuta Still.


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