YMonitor issue 59: Left Over

A heavily loaded man, belly out & about waving to anyone interested, thick-head dangling almost falling off the protruded body which houses the stoic cheeks across the neck as well as some thick lips which he uses to consume all the National Cake & sometimes chicken legs

Consumption of the cake usually involves buying estates in the abroad, planes & jets which ends up dusty as a result of them not being used. Burying unused money underground, sometimes when questioned about it, the man says snakes swallowed it. Travelling every two seconds to the abroad for gelatos, sometimes even travelling to the US just to poo or urinate. Speaking of travelling, any form of headache, man is already en route Germany

While all these eating up continues, the leftovers are left for the other man. The one who has to work round-the-clock daily just to pay up for a meal, sometimes sitting knackered around in the congested everyday traffic, regretting being a Nigerian

The one who gets shot for offences without trial, the one who works tirelessly for the heavily-loaded pot-bellied man, yet, gets peanuts as wages. That other man whose salary is equivalent to the tyres & wheels of one of the dusty cars of the heavily-loaded pot-bellied man

This is the story of unjust, greed, injustice & unrepentant corrupt leaders. This is the story of leftovers, which is given to you, I, we & us, the lesser of the less. Based on a true-life story.


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