YMonitor Issue 62: 4 ratio 33


Nigeria ordered the big-sized chilly-pepper Dominoes in 2019, equivalent to N1.33 trillion & the four (4) top big brothers in the geng contributed the most for the Pizza, settling it with some chilled Cold Stone creamy-chocolate-flavoured ice cream, on the side.

Not to worry, just like most send forth & VS parties organized at schools especially colleges, the big boys – the cool kids, the G Boys, Sugar Daddies, Zaddies, in the house would cover most people’s lack of financial capabilities.

In 2019, Lagos, Rivers, FCT & Ogun earned more than other 33 States in the country combined. This is alarming & shows a huge worrisome state of imbalance in the development of other states in comparison to others.

This all just makes us wonder if perhaps there would be a possible time when states would be well developed to reach their potential capabilities in terms of almost equal earnings generated to the Nation. So, everyone can have an equal chunk of the slice of Pizza.

We suggest an economic model or framework that builds up sustainability for these other states.


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