YMonitor Issue 64: Chop and clean mouth

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18 June 2020
YMonitor Issue 65: DemoCRAZY
22 June 2020

Giving awards for good governance & Nigerian Government never misses out, always in the top three, & most times coming out tops like Messi in the Balon’D’or. Government of the day, the “Chop am, make you clean mouth”, the “do am, no-look face”, the Government that’s not for the people, that’s not by the people.

The Government that prioritises the aesthetics of a building over the health of the people, over the education of its citizens

Approximately one week ago, news filtered that the Federal Government, in the 2020 revised budget proposal cut N9.3bn from the budget for the renovation of the National Assembly complex

The renovation of the complex at the initial cost of N37bn, which is to be executed by the Federal Capital Territory Administration, attracted criticisms from a large section of Nigerians last year.

In the proposed revised budget, while the National Assembly complex renovation budget was reduced to N27.7bn (a reduction of 25.1 per cent), the Basic Health Care Provision Fund, which is meant to cater for all the primary healthcare centres across the 774 local government areas in the country, was significantly reduced by N44.4bn to N25.5bn, a decrease of more than 42.5 per cent

The Universal Basic Education fund was also reduced significantly from N111.7bn to N51.1bn, by more than 54.2 per cent, according to documents obtained by Dataphyte, an open data organisation.
The UBE is a reform programme aimed at providing greater access to quality basic education throughout Nigeria.

This is your Government, this is what they prioritise. This is how they “Chop & Clean Mouth”.

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