YMonitor Issue 65: DemoCRAZY

YMonitor Issue 64: Chop and clean mouth
22 June 2020
YMonitor Issue 66: #NoToBadGovernance
22 June 2020

Democrazy, a Nigerian-Netflix series which is a not-so-light shade of all the gbas gbos happening in the country, yet showing how much Nigerians show up for one another

Once upon a time, in a crazy world called Nigeria where anything & everything can happen, where anything gives. In a land that used to have milk & honey, which has been bled dry as a result of the insatiable & thirsty people in power

The land that is supposedly a preacher of freedom, yet Democrazy is what is practised. The land of gbas gbos, where your attempt at criticising the government strongly & openly may result in you behind bars

The land where leaders allow terrorist to be schooled & re-integrated into society after the killings of many. The land where animals swallow huge chunks of money meant for people. The land where the former boss in charge of oil money can be appointed elsewhere to acquire immunity, going home with trillions & zillions of future generations investment. The land where everything seems to go South, everytime. A land of plenty drama, the land of Democrazy

Yet, we thrive. The beauty of Nigeria & Nigerians is the power to pull through whatever is thrown at us. We remain strong & steadfast hoping for better days, yet the better days, we wish for can become our present if only we take actions.

Can we take action?

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