YMonitor Issue 71: Soro Soke

YMonitor Issue 70: #EndBadGovernance
22 October 2020
22 October 2020

Lagos Times with affiliations to the “New York Times” already termed it the best selling book of the decade.

The “How to not give an audio reply to the youth” is on shelves for any body in the position of governance to pick up.

The twist here is, people in governance don’t pick up, they don’t answer to nobody, they are “…for everybody & for nobody”.

So, when the Nigerian youths are demanding for biscuit, the “people in governance” will give you nylon.

Despite recent clamouring for deliberate, compelling & strategic actions as a result of the now infamous #EndSars movement. The government of the day thinks swapping names is the solution to the panacea of problems that have taken the youths to the streets.

We’re asking them to Sọrọ Sókè, because we really can’t take anymore whispering.


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