YMonitor Isuue 60: Uncle’s Promise

5years ago Sinzu Money, our favourite Uncle promised us, heaven & Earth. Uncle Bubu as he’s known in some quarters, the typical Nigerian type; very rich; articulate to a fault like the “Covik-19 type”; soft-spoken; exquisite taste like “London today, Germany tomorrow”, minister of travelling affairs; at least the pandemic has helped reduce that.

Just like most Nigerian Uncle’s, Bubu continues the trail of past leaders who have made us empty-promises, uncountable ones that didn’t see the light of day. At the end of the day, we know the game of politics is a game of manipulation, pulling the right strings & more importantly, it’s a game of who promises the most.

Uncle Bubu’s currently hunting empty promises, we hope he catches enough.
Five years later, we opened the file of promises made by the President & the circumstances, feels similar to all the promises our past leaders & Uncles have been making since time immemorial

Here are some of the promises made inclusive those achieved,
Whistle Blower Act, achieved
5k to the poor, achieved
Meals to primary school students, achieved
Ban on Government Officials going abroad for medical care, not achieved
Improved Healthcare, not achieved
Functioning Airports in all 36 States, no achieved. And, so many others.

Which one did we miss?


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