#Ymonitorpoll: Chibok girls or Corrupt Judges

#chibokgirlstracker: What we know so far
15 October 2016
#chibokgirlstracker: Pictures of released chibok girls reunion with parents
17 October 2016

by Ymonitor

There is no doubting the fact that two issues have remained on the forefront in the Nigerian political space. The clampdown on the corrupt judges and the release of 21 chibok girls.

Ymonitor conducted a poll to know which of these issues Nigerians would throw party for. the result showed that more people gave more attention to the release of the chibok girls than the corrupt judges. the result is below


From the above, 44% of the voters went for clamp down on corrupt judges while the remaining 56% celebrated the release of the chibok girls. Why is this so?, let us hear your view, leave your comments or reach us on [email protected]

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